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This is a guide to the trails within the Smith River National Recreation Area. The Smith River NRA is under the management of the US Forest Service as part of Six Rivers National Forest. Click HERE to open a link to the online map of the Six Rivers National Forest. The best trails map available for the Smith River NRA is the National Geographic National and State Parks.

Trail Name

Distance (miles one way)

Drive time from Gasquet


Permitted Uses

Craig’s Creek 3.7 15 minutes Moderate F, H
Darlingtonia .3 5 minutes Easy F
Doe Flat to Buck Lake 1.7 1.2 hours Easy F
Doe Flat to Devil’s Punchbowl 6.3 1.2 hours Difficult F
Elk Camp Ridge 8.2 20 minutes Moderate F, H, B, M
French Hill 2.8 0 Moderate F, H, B
Gunbarrel 1.3 2 hours Difficult F, H
High Dome 4 25 minutes Moderate F, H, B, M
Island Lake 6.47 1.2 hours Difficult F, B*
Little Bald Hills 9.6 30 minutes Moderate F, H, B
McClendon Ford 1.5 1 hour Easy F, H
Myrtle Creek 1 15 minutes Easy F
Old Kelsey Trail 7 30-45 minutes Easy/Moderate F, H, B
Paradise 6.47 30 minutes Moderate F, B, H
Patrick Creek .25 15 minutes Easy F, ADA
South Kelsey 29 1 hour Moderate F, H
Stony Creek .5 10 minutes Easy F
Summit Valley 8.1 1.5 hours Moderate F, H
Young’s Valley 2.5 1.75 hours Moderate F, H

Permitted Uses: F=Foot, H=Horse, B=Bicycle, M=Motorbike B*=Bicycles not allowed into Wilderness areas.

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